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POSTED ON (4-6-20)

Please stay healthy and take necessary precautions for you and your family during this very difficult and unprecendented time.

Indiana's Governor and Michigan's Governor have both issued "stay at home" orders for all non-critical employees. Service parts are considered necessary to sustain or protect life, so very few Associates are currently working. Indiana's Order runs through Monday, April 20, 2020 and Michigan's Order runs through Monday, April 13, 2020.

Below are our customer's production startup schedules as of Monday 4/6/20: For TRAM, TRMI, TAC and TRIN Associates, please plan to return to work, at the earliest, on April 17, 2020. If there is an "essential and critical manufacturing" need for you to return to work before April 17, 2020, we will nofify you directly by phone call, e-mail or text message.

Please continue to check the website daily for updates and to see when the company needs for you to return on-site to work.

TRAM Group Management

POSTED ON (3-31-20)

Questions & Answers About Recent Laws That Passed

We have received some questions regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Response, and Economic Security Act (CARES) and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFRCA) that were recently passed by the US Congress and signed by President Trump. Below are the questions and answers:

Question 1 - Does the Coronavirus Aid, Response and Economic Security Act (CARES) apply to the TRAM Group Companies and Associates?

Answer: Yes
Question 2 - Does the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) apply to the TRAM Group Companies and Associates?

Answer: No
The Federal Government looks at the structure of our companies in the US and uses what is called “Integrated Employer Test”. The Government looks at the following criteria with the “Integrated Employer” test to determine if we are an Integrated Employer or not: Since the answers to the 4 questions above for our US companies is clearly yes, we are considered an integrated employer and therefore we are required to add the Associates from all US locations together. This results in the TRAM Group being well over the 500 employee threshold. Because we are over the 500 employee threshold, the Federal Government will not allow us to participate in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).




Due to the mandatory Stay at Home Order issued by Governor Whitmer, the TRAM Group is not able to operate or have non-critical employees on site until April 14th.

Our Countermeasures are as follows: Work from home is no longer offered to Associates unless approved by the TRAM Group Officer or the President.

* Minimum Basic Operations as defined by the Governor's order include:

POSTED ON (4-9-20)

Good afternoon TAC Associates and Temporaries,

Welcome to TAC’s weekly update regarding the COVID-19 virus and the status of TAC’s operations.

We hope that you have been able to enjoy some of the amazing spring like weather we have been having lately and that you and your family are continuing to remain safe and healthy.

TAC has received notice from our customers that they will not begin production next week as hoped, so we will continue to remain idle the week of April 13th.

We have scheduled our next update to you for Thursday April 16th, however, if there are any major developments between now and then, we will get the information out to you as quickly as possible.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and your families.

Thank You.

Additional Information,
1. If you have questions during this shutdown please feel free to email Beth Masters, Manager of TAC Human Resources. She will be checking email at least once a week (typically Thursdays) and will work on answering any questions you may have.
2. We have had some questions regarding health insurance and our bi-weekly contribution payments. Please note that TRAM has decided to absorb that cost and TAC Associates will not be required to make the bi-weekly payments until we return to work.
3. There have been some changes to the 401k regarding hardship loans and outstanding loan payments. For any questions you may have regarding the topic of 401k please direct those to Transamerica. You can reach them through your account online if you have established one or you can call 1-800-797-2643.
4. Since the COVID-19 stay in place began, TAC has made some donations in our community. Below is what has taken place to date:

Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital

900 shoe covers
480 Masks
100 Tyvek suits
22800 latex gloves
450 cleanroom wipes

Blackman Sherriff’s Department

4000 gloves
100 Tyvek suits


TRIN will be shutdown from Tuesday, March 24th thru Monday, April 13th. All Associates will return onTuesday, April 14th beginning with 1st shift.

For Assistance with filing for Unemployment go to: Unemployment

Click on Indiana Unemployment. Scroll down and click on the Icon for Unemployment video tutorials (looks like a movie projector and says video vault).

Then click on Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Self Service.

You can choose from a list of helpful tutorials or videos.